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Budgeter is a free, online, simple budget calculator. It can help you live within your means or make any financial plans, from shopping list to long-term family budget. You can estimate whether you've got enough money for the venture you'd like to start. Or estimate wedding party cost. Holiday expenses. Whatever. It's as straightforward as paper and pen.

After every change you make, rows are automatically sorted by Date and then remaining Balance for every day is recalculated.

Row highlighted in grey indicates the balance you have planned to have today (for clarity it shows only when you're logged in).

Currently maximum number of rows per plan is 2000. You can create as many plans as you want. You'll be able to share your plans with others (full access or read-only) and even to make them public (read-only).

You can use it anonymously, no personal data is required. You may want to provide your email address in case you forget your password, as this will be the only way to send you password-reset link but registration does not require it.

You can use it without creating your account as well but your plan will be there only for 10 minutes after your last activity (providing you didn't close your browser in the meantime). Then it's gone forever. On the other hand, when you are logged in, it's saved to a database straight away after every change you make.

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