Top 10 eBay Gold Bullion Coins

It's easy to check the precious metals' spot price. However what matters to an individual saver or investor is at what price I can actually get hold of a gold or silver coin and at what price I can sell it?
Once a day – at 00:02 GMT – we search for the 10 cheapest 1 oz bullion coins on several global eBay sites. We only consider the 7 most popular – that is easiest to sell – sovereigns:
  • South African Krugerrand
  • US American Eagle
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Chinese Panda
  • UK Britannia
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Australian Kangaroo (Nugget)
Only listings from top rated sellers are included.
Disclaimer: Budgeter has no association with the sellers and we do not make any investment recommendations. Listings are retrieved once a day, at midnight GMT, through publicly available eBay Finding API. Spot prices are updated twice a day: at 00:01 and 12:01 GMT from Metals-API.
Global IDListingCurr.Price
AUD SpotAUD2,335.17
EBAY-AU1985 1 Oz. Gold Panda Brilliant Uncirculated in Original Mint Sealed PlasticAUD3,446.48
EBAY-AU2013 China 1 Oz. Gold Panda 500 Yuan Graded by PCGS as MS69AUD3,494.88
EBAY-AU2006 1 oz Gold American Eagle Graded by PCGS as MS-69 First StrikeAUD3,590.85
EBAY-AU1988 Gold 1 Oz. Panda 100 Yuan Coin in Original Mint Seal Brilliant UncirculatedAUD3,649.21
EBAY-AU1988 Chinese Panda 1 oz 999 Gold Graded by NGC as MS-68! China BullionAUD3,805.21
EBAY-AU2001-W Gold American Eagle 1 oz Graded by PCGS PR69DCAM pcgs Error LabelAUD4,064.11
EBAY-AU2007 American Eagle Gold Bullion 1 oz. Graded by NGC as MS-70! United StatesAUD4,454.68
EBAY-AU2006-W Burnished Gold Eagle 1 oz. Bullion Graded by NGC MS-69 Early ReleasesAUD4,741.46
EBAY-AU2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold PCGS Graded MS69 w/ Box and CoAAUD4,874.69
EBAY-AU2000 Gold Chinese Panda 1 oz. G500Y Mirrored Ring Graded by NGC as MS-67AUD11,210.15
EUR SpotEUR1,504.92
EBAY-DEGoldmünze Wiener Philharmoniker 2021 Österreich 1 oz in StempelglanzEUR1,569.00
EBAY-DEGoldmünze Krügerrand Südafrika verschiedene Jahrgänge 1 oz in StempelglanzEUR1,573.90
EBAY-DEGoldmünze Britannia 2021 100 Pounds Großbritannien 1 oz in StempelglanzEUR1,589.00
EBAY-DEGoldmünze Maple Leaf Kanada 1 oz 2021 prägefrisch EUR1,605.00
EBAY-DEGoldmünze Maple Leaf Kanada 1 oz verschiedene Jahrgänge in StempelglanzEUR1,609.00
EBAY-DEGoldmünze Eagle 50 Dollar verschiedene Jahrgänge 1 oz in StempelglanzEUR1,653.00
EBAY-DEGoldmünze American Eagle 1994 1 oz mit leichter Einkerbung UmlaufwareEUR1,660.00
EBAY-DEGoldmünze Krügerrand verschiedene Jahrgänge 1 oz mit Einkerbungen und DellenEUR1,725.00
EBAY-DESüdafrika 2021 Krügerrand Anlagemünze * 1 Oz Gold * STEUR1,729.99
EBAY-DEGoldmünze Krügerrand 2000 1 oz Das Original Südafrika in Polierte PlatteEUR1,750.00
CAD SpotCAD2,221.96
EBAY-ENCA1 oz Random Year Canadian Maple Leaf Gold CoinCAD2,495.94
EBAY-ENCA1 oz Random Year American Eagle Gold CoinCAD2,521.93
EBAY-ENCA1 oz 2020 American Eagle Gold CoinCAD2,539.60
GBP SpotGBP1,309.87
EBAY-GB2014 1oz Pure 999.9 Gold 24k £100 Britannia Coin Bullion #0051GBP2,210.00
EBAY-GB2018 1oz Pure 999.9 Gold 24k £100 Britannia Coin Bullion #0051GBP2,210.00
EBAY-GBNGC Graded 2009 1oz Australian Nugget Kangaroo $100 Dollars Coin MS68 #0041GBP2,275.00
EBAY-GB2011 1oz Pure gold 24k Australian Nugget Kangaroo $100 Dollars Coin #0041GBP2,275.00
USD SpotUSD1,831.50
EBAY-US$50 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf .9999 1 oz Random Year Brilliant UncirculatedUSD1,967.01
EBAY-USAustralia 1 oz Gold Kangaroo/Nugget BU (Random Year)USD1,968.00
EBAY-US2021 Australia 1 oz Gold Kangaroo BU Perth Mint .9999 Fine GoldUSD1,968.00
EBAY-US1 oz Gold South African Krugerrand Coin Random YearUSD1,975.00
EBAY-US2021 1 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin BUUSD1,975.00
EBAY-US1 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin Random YearUSD1,975.00
EBAY-US1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Random Date $50 Gold Coin .9999 Fine BUUSD1,980.99
EBAY-US2021 Canadian 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf $50 Coin .9999 Fine BUUSD1,980.99
EBAY-US2021 100 Euro Austrian Gold Philharmonic .9999 1 oz Brilliant UncirculatedUSD1,982.14
EBAY-US2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Britannia BU Coin - SKU#219229USD1,982.63
Last spot update: 2021-05-09 12:01:01
Last eBay update: 2021-05-09 00:02:01
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