Getting Started with Budgeter

How to use Budgeter in 3 minutes [video]
I. Create A Plan

1. Click My Plans... button, then choose New...

2. Name your plan, i.e. My Current Account

3. Select Continuous

4. Click Create

II. Add Opening Balance

Opening Balance is an amount you have now. Let's suppose it is 500, let's add it with the default, today's date:

1.     500   OB, then

III. Add Income

Let's assume you earn 3000 every month:

1. Click , then choose Add Regular...

2.       Monthly   3000   pay, then

IV. Add Regular Expenditures

1. Click , then choose Add Regular...

2.       Monthly   500   rent, then or Enter

3. Click , then choose Add Regular...

4.       Weekly   100   groceries, then or Enter

V. Add Other Expenditures

1.     100   Mom's Birthday, then or Enter

The order in which you add entries does not make any difference, because after every modification Budgeter sorts all entries by date, then by being an income or expenditure, then by a comment.

At the bottom you can always see how much is left for spending (Available).

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